Enabling Digital Economies of the Future

We are aiming to recreate the dApp experience

Meta transactions for seamless onboarding

Login via any Web 3 enabled wallet.

You can install the Mexa SDK within a few lines of code.

Remove the need for extensions.

To build this industry going forward, we fundamentally believe dApp’s should be as simple as current mobile and web apps, and only then can millions and millions of people tap into the new world of blockchain enabled digital economies. Essentially, we need experiences the mainstream is familiar with!

Our Products & Services

Our tools support two primary stakeholders – The end users and the dApp developers

Biconomy Mexa


Use Mexa to offer your users a seamless experience into the realm of blockchain enabled digital economies. Usability and interaction is key for mainstream adoption. We can help you navigate the tricky waters and stumbling blocks that currently exists in this nascent yet exciting world.

Biconomy Mexa Dashboard

Mexa Dashboard

For you budding buidlers out there you can add standard APIs, create custom APIs and determine different roles and permissions regarding your app in our innovative dashboard. We provide anaytics for your dApp performance, including Daily new users onboard and Gas fees consumed.

Meta Transaction architecture

The below is a diagram of how meta transactions work. In this set-up, the dApp developer pays the gas fees on behalf of the end user resulting in a seamless user experience!

Biconomy meta transiction