• We have been super impressed by the quality of work from the Biconomy team. Relayer infrastructure and meta transactions are becoming ever more essential for DAOstack, and the Biconomy team was able to produce a working demo that blew us by surprise!

    Adam Levi

  • It was a no brainer for us to use Biconomy for our new product that is targeted for the mass audience. The team is quite prompt in responding and their sdk saved me two months of development time.

    Anderson Chen

    Dapp Pocket
  • With Biconomy we have been able to quickly set up a meta-tx campaign during a congestion period for Ethereum network, resulting in an useful onboarding tool.

    Matteo Pandolfi

    Idle Finance
  • Meta Transactions are what we were exploring recently to implement in frontier wallet. Biconomy seems to have the perfect solution for us and we are happy to using them to provide a better user experience to our users.

    Ravindra Kumar

    Frontier Wallet
Built for Developers

Integrate in 3 Simple Steps

We want you to focus on your product while we take care of your transaction infrastructure requirements. Plug-n-play solution to easily go from integration, to testing, and to production so you go to market faster.

Save on development time & costs

Easily customise to your specific needs

Cheaper & easier to maintain as you scale

npm install @biconomy/mexa

Grow Your User Base

Ensure the best onboarding experience to decrease drop-offs & drive higher conversion

Build a custom transaction journey to make sure you delight your users as quickly as possible. Even a couple of additional steps may mean you never see them again! Implement the perfect experience for crypto savvy as well as crypto noobs to make every user a loyal user.
  • Delight the crypto savvyGas Payment
    Pay gas in your favorite ERC20 token
  • Faster & cheaper
    Faster & cheaper transactions
  • Network agnostic
    Network agnostic: no need to change RPC
  • Acquire the crypto noobsEasy to use
    Easy to use without being intimidated
  • No need for wallets
    No need for Metamask & crypto proficiency
  • User Onboard
    Onboard in seconds without paying gas
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Manage Your Transactions

Gain Key DApp Insights

Understand your business better with in-depth transaction statistics on your dashboard. Measure, analyze, and optimize your transactions to keep gas fee costs in control.

Get full visibility of your transaction history
View daily, weekly & monthly DApp activity
View Set custom limits to prevent abuse
Mainnet Supported
Biconomy Features

Not Just Meta-transactions

Non -Custodial &

We do not manage or save user's private keys. Our system is trustless by design as we cannot tamper with any data.


Tired of high gas costs? We help you to reduce gas costs on Ethereum by up to 50%. Never overspend on gas again!

No Stuck

We make sure your transactions do not get stuck and they're validated on time at the optimal gas price.


Providing gasless transactions for your users, increasing their retention! Allowing them to easily pay gas in ERC20 tokens.


Integrate Biconomy using Javascript SDK via npm or CDN. Also, you can use our rest APIs on any other platform.


Easy plug and play solution with minimal code changes required. Compatible with existing systems and major Web3 Wallets.


We love Ethereum, but we also believe in a multichain world. Our architecture is built from the ground up to be blockchain agnostic.

Scalable Relayer

A dynamic relayer infrastructure that can scale horizontally and vertically as your DApp and transactions scale.
Biconomy in Action

Built for every web3 use case to enable any transaction journey

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Gasless Trading
Checkout how Perpetual Protocol integrated Biconomy fast to provide a seamless trading experience.
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Best Yielding
Checkout how Biconomy is helping Idle Finance in improving the user experience with free deposits.
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Stablecoin Trading
Checkout how Biconomy is helping Curve Finance in enabling the user experience with free BTC deposits, swap and more.

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